Kids Club House offers two Wings Preschool Programs:

Junior Wings is our 2-year pre-kindergarten program. Classes meet for 2 1/2 hours, 2 days a week. We are currently registering children entering Kindergarten in Fall of 2021.

Senior Wings is our 1- year pre-kindergarten program. Classes meet for 2 1/2 hours, 3 days a week. We are currently registering children entering Kindergarten in Fall of 2020.

Our Wings Preschool Curriculum Makes Learning FUN!

Kids Club House is continually complimented by local schools for our success in best preparing children for kindergarten. The Wings Preschool Curriculum nurtures the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of children through fun and active learning experiences.

Our curriculum utilizes creative approaches to expose children to all kindergarten readiness skills. Through silly skits, puppetry and hands-on entertaining tasks, children are taught letter recognition, letter sounds, math skills, gross motor development, fine arts and handwriting. Our non-competitive teaching style supports each child’s unique qualities, allowing them to grow at their own rate.

Kids Club House Prides Itself in Remembering That Children Are Children, Not Young Adults!

Children at Kids Club House are encouraged to be just that . . . CHILDREN! Learning should be a fun and nurturing experience. Our preschool program allows children to not only learn, but to love school..

Fostering Creative Spirits

Social Skills and Your Child’s Emotional Well Being

Building an applesauce stand with hammers and nails, counting coins to sell the handmade applesauce, producing movies, writing and illustrating books, orchestrating a school band are just a few examples of the unique activities we use to support our curriculum. We consider ourselves academic but promise to keep it fun!

Social Skills & Emotional Well Being

Focusing on Pre-Kindergarten Social Skills and Your Child’s Emotional Well Being

We want to reduce children’s frustrations by giving them skills and allowing them to have the confidence to try their hardest. “I can do it” is a common chant at Kids Club House. To be a good student, children must be able to function well in a group. We have specific objectives each week to help them socially and emotionally. Our teachers encourage your child to participate in group activities, and to become sensitive to the feelings, interests and needs of others as they learn to control impulses and make choices that will build your child’s confidence to become “the best me I can be”.

Handwriting Without Tears®

Kids Club House incorporates the widely acclaimed Handwriting Without Tears® program into our curriculum, which many of our local elementary schools are using. This program focuses on developing fine motor skills that promote good writing habits – which your child will carry on to elementary school – through many multi-sensory and fun activities like playing, singing and moving. It encourages children to use fine and gross motor muscles and builds social, emotional and body awareness by teaching children how to sit together with other children, take turns and talk to each other.

Handwriting Without Tears also builds vocabulary by teaching words that children need to know to follow directions. It also allows children to play and manipulate 3-D objects in order to become oriented with written symbols (A, B, C, 1, 2 and 3). We have found it incredibly rewarding to watch the success of this program grow.

Enrichment Programs

Preschool Enrichment Programs

In addition to Preschool classes, we also offer enrichment programs that prepare the children beyond what is need for kindergarten. For more information, view our ABOVE AND BEYOND Programs: Reading Club, Math and Science Club, Cooking Club, and Art Club.

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To learn more about Kids Club House’s Preschool Programs, give us a call at 845-258-7780, email us at, or drop in to speak with us.

To sign up your child, simply print out the registration form, indicate the appropriate enrichment class/program and mail it in.